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Related post: Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 18:51:11 -0400 From: lsok68adelphia.net Subject: Out of Town - Part IIThis is second part of the story begun previously. All disclaimers from the initial go around are applicable here.Again, comments may be directed to lsok68adelphia.net.Enjoy. Out of Town - Part IIThe immense ballroom was teaming with people meandering through a maze of food stations, bars, and oversized decorations. The unintelligible droning of hundreds of people filled the room and was punctuated with the sounds of clattering plates, clinking glasses, and the occasional eruption of overindulgent laughter. A band played at the far end of the room with a few of the conference attendees engaging in various sorts of dancing.The closing party had been going on for hours already. The last of the seminars had concluded in the mid-afternoon and the revelry had begun soon thereafter. Chris had spent the past three days engaged in a series of surprisingly significant conversations with companies ranging of all sizes. They had even sought him out, specifically. He was most pleased with the manner in which he had stepped up his professional game to bring more business to his organization. Numerous times he had been required to answer the nagging questions regarding the potential for his company to be acquired by one of several leading conglomerates. Chris' credibility was further bolstered with child preteeny nude the industry's knowledge of his group being courted by companies of such magnitude. The additional research dollars that would be available would help the young startup further develop a number of early stage product lines and almost surely cement at least three of the deals he began discussing just days ago.Still, his mind was elsewhere. He had ten o'clock dinner reservations and he was worn out from the past few days.Days had past since he had met the handsome stranger in that nondescript bar. Chris was getting aroused just recalling their short time together. When the morning had come, the two men began to get a sense that their one night of indulgence had the potential to be ever so much more. The conversation they had shared had quickly delved into some particularly personal areas of their lives. Surprisingly, both felt infinitely more comfortable discussing these issues with a veritable stranger than other confidantes each had. Reflecting on the qualities that Chris had desired in a guy, he began to check off, one by one, those that Taylor embodied. The level of compatibility was almost frightening.Although they had oddly not discussed what they did for a living, the reality of the situation was clear: Taylor was a successful businessman steeped in a job to which he was very devoted and Chris was loyal to his company and making significant gains in his own right, professionally. He was already in discussions with his management that, should this acquisition go through, he would be promoted to a very high level. The idea of the two beginning any kind of legitimate relationship was ludicrous.To complicate matters, Chris recalled the way the two had parted a few days prior:As they climbed out of bed, both Chris and Taylor couldn't help preteens nudes pages but look at each other. Their bodies still showed the evidence of their sexual escapades and their still thick cocks revealed their intense physical attraction for each other. Taylor reached forward and stroked Chris's bare ass as he admired the low hanging balls that slowly swung between a pair of muscular legs. His touch excited Chris. His dick became erect yet again driving an aching sensation teens porn preteen through his groin as though he had over exercised a muscle. The exquisite and extensive blowjob that Taylor had provided now coupled with the abuse Chris had inflicted upon himself in the shower only hours young kiddy preteens before to make his cock incredibly sensitive to any further child preteens models stimulation. With each step, Chris' hard penis throbbed.Chris turned the light on in the bathroom. Reaching past the curtain, he started the shower and began adjusting the water to an amenable temperature. Taylor, again, reached out and played with Chris' vulnerable ass using his entire hand to explore the roundness of each of the muscular orbs. His touch traversed over the base of Chris' spine and then turned downward. Taylor's middle finger came dangerously close to becoming embedded in the crevice that separated the two hemispheres of Chris' butt. Upward and down little preteen whores he drew his hand, teasing and playing with the exposed skin. His own cock sprang to life and he moved closer to replace his fingers with the head of his dick.Chris prepared to surrender himself completely. He pulled his hand from the flowing water and reached behind him to offer his encouragement and direction. The warm water dripped down Taylor's shaft as his dick continued its exploration of Chris. As if aiding him through the dark, Taylor used his cock as a means to map out the details of Chris' superb hindquarters."Oh, fuck," Chris exclaimed."Yeah, I know," Taylor replied quietly.Chris spun around suddenly. Their two impressive dicks clashed as if broadswords being brandished by valiant knights."No. That's my cell. It must be someone from work. I've got to get that."He grabbed a towel and rushed to find the phone that Taylor did not realize was ringing until that very moment. With a sigh, and a quick stroke of his dick, Taylor got into the shower and began to clean himself."This is Chris," he answered."Dude, it's me.""Jake.""How's Chi Town? Did you bag a hottie yet?"Chris flashed a memory of earlier in the morning just as Taylor was coming. He smiled to himself and propped the phone between his shoulder and ear so he could wrap his lower body with the towel. The terry cloth rubbed against the underside of the head of his sensitive penis. His cock jumped and then pressed itself against its confines illegal preteens sluts making a notable outline on the white material that now hung low on his hips."What's going on, pervert?" he asked, avoiding the question."Chris, they're coming today. Everybody is completely freaked. I'm completely freaked. What if they don't like us? What if we don't like them? What if they want to change everything? What if they make us all corporate slaves and want us to wear suits, and white shirts, and ties to work every day and...""Whoa, Nelly, take a deep breath and follow it up with about a handful of Xanax!""I'm just ..."Chris sat down on the sofa. He spent the next ten minutes allaying Jake's fears that the final visit from one of the companies interested in their acquisition was specifically to gain a better understanding of how the two cultures might mix. He explained that their first representatives were affable people who had come from small organizations themselves and understood the importance of a healthy working environment.As Chris continued his discussion, Taylor exited the bathroom and stood before him naked and dripping wet. His body was flush from the heat of the shower. He brought a towel to his head and began to rub his hair dry. As he did, his soft penis convulsed from side to side and water spilled over his supple skin. Bringing the towel away, he shook his blonde locks into submission and ran his fingers through his hair. Indifferent to the agitation, a few stray strands fell forward presenting themselves as golden scars on his forehead. Taylor began to dry off the rest of himself, starting with his chest and moving downward. The evaporating preteen in japan water and assault of the towel caused his nipples to pop. He lifted each leg as he pressed the water out the hair that entrapped it and extended down from his groin. He refocused his attention to his dick, watching his hands scurry about his member as if servants model philippine preteen attending to their master. He then dried his arms. He spun around and dragged the towel across the width of his back over and over again until he finally removed the last vestiges of moisture from his tight ass.The musk of the night before had been displaced with the fresh scent of cleanliness."Are we good, then?" Chris asked trying to get Jake to shut up."Sure. I'm good. But, hey, a few issues have popped up on a couple of those tier one projects of yours.""Fuck," Chris said exasperated as he watched Taylor walk naked into the bedroom. "Fine, shoot."Taylor now realized what time it was and dressed hastily. One issue spilled into the next for Chris and it was apparent that his call was nowhere near an end."I really have to go," Taylor explained in a whisper. "I've got an 11:15 flight.""I'm sorry," Chris mouthed back to him pointing to his phone."I'll call you."With that, Taylor left the room. The latch of the door rang loudly in Chris' ear and, suddenly, he felt oddly empty and alone."Dude, you still there?""Yeah, `dude', I'm here"Within ten more minutes, all the issues he needed to address were being worked and he could finally head to the shower. Standing up, he dropped his phone on the couch, and began the short trek to the bathroom. After his first step, the towel around his waist fell open and dropped to the floor. He stopped and made a saddening realization: neither of the men had exchanged any kind of preteen cracked foto contact information and Taylor had no idea how long Chris would be in Chicago. They didn't even know each other's last names. Chris looked down. He was no longer hard and the softness of his dick seemed to reflect the now palpable sadness that Taylor was gone. "Do you have the time?"Chris turned. The closing ceremonies seemed to be nowhere near drawing to a conclusion."Oh, sure. It's nine fifteen.""Thanks, man," the attendee offered and went to join a newly identified group of cronies."Actually, thank you," Chris said to himself. He needed to grab a cab if he was going to make is dinner meeting.++++++++++ The evening skies began to darken with the threat of a cold rain. The brilliant blue of the day had been slowly devoured by the grayness of the oncoming cold front. Across the still-dry pavement of an old neighborhood, a host of leaves scurried in front of a few errant pieces of paper in a frenetic game of tag. As Chris' cab drove past, the players scattered onto the nearby lawns as if children being called in for dinner.As he exited the car, the clip preteens free fresh air reinvigorated Chris' body and spirit. The gentle wind blew, this time finding its way passed his open collar to rustle the hair on his chest. Finally, the technical details of research projects found their way into the deep recesses of my preteensex his mind for use at a more suitable time. Now, as Chris walked across the street, thoughts of cabernets and chardonnays mingled with those of asian-fusion entrees and creme brulee.Reaching the entrance, he grasped the hard, brushed steel rod and pulled. The muscles in his back flexed and the door gave way to his will. The dimly lit environment into which he had come propelled Chris momentarily into a sensory rich world devoid of visual cues. The hearty laughter of a group of businessmen at the bar was an audible assault and he reeled from the blow. As he withdrew, Chris' hand brushed against the soft and enticing texture of a velvet curtain. Immediately, a memory of Taylor flashed in his mind. The sweet scent of perfume wafted past him entreating him to direct his attention further into the restaurant. From seemingly out of nowhere, a figure appeared and spoke to him, then materialized further as if a dream becoming reality.The hostess, a petite young woman with an attractive face but tired and poorly managed hair, presented Chris with seating accommodations for the evening. pregnant preteen photo He was the first to arrive. Looking at his watch he found that he was perfectly on time.Again, he was approached; this time by a young man dressed entirely in black. His shirt was tight and unbuttoned casually to expose a teasing path of young muscle. His sleeves were rolled up high on his forearms revealing a set of well defined lower arms painted with soft blue veins as if dripped from an overloaded brush. His long caramel colored hair was pushed back away from his face, yet a few lingering locks refused to be retained. They fell past his forehead and rested softly on his cheek. As he smiled at Chris, he brushed away the willful tresses. As if out of spite, the hair fell back to precisely the same place from which it had been disturbed.Chris ordered a cocktail and waited for his dinner companion to arrive: Bombay Sapphire gin, on the rocks, with a splash of Cointreau, and a lime. As the weight of the day began to take its toll on him, Chris was momentarily hypnotized by the microcosm that existed within his glass. As the ice slowly melted and mixed with the alcohol, tiny, violent storms swirled throughout the heavy tumbler like so many hurricanes careening through a chain of islands.The gin provided ever more relief from the busy day and he rolled up the cuffs of his shirt to be even more comfortable. Chris surveyed his surroundings as the alcohol continued to work its charm.Exposed brick, softened by plaster infused with strong red hues, was offset by the warmth of deep brown carpeting and walnut colored chair backs. White linens added a crisp touch of classic elegance as did the dark-stained oak doorframes and sharply angled walls and columns. A contemporary feel, and almost New York style, was perpetuated by sparse but focused lighting, copper accents, and high backed leather-clad cathedra-like chairs that dotted the back wall. Through a pair of simply etched glass pocket doors, the wine cellar proudly displayed its complement of international offerings. Dancing off the bottles like sunlight through a Tiffany's window, the accent lighting shone off the slender necks of each pinot, syrah, sauvignon blanc, and zinfandel.Still alone, Chris continued to enjoy his cocktail, caressing the glass with just the tips of his fingers and disturbing the moisture that had arisen. Beads of condensate were forced together until, like dominoes, fell one upon the other to forge a tiny, vertical river down the side of the crystal.Bringing the glass to his lips, Chris savored the sluty pre teens liquor and lifted his head to see the world passing by the front window. The massive frame enclosed the activity as if watching an immense television. How sad, he thought, that the activities of actual people should remind him of a television show. Regardless, the real world of a metropolitan preteen lingerie city was passing by: one, then two, then two more late night joggers ran down the lonely street seemingly lost from a race route long since abandoned; a vast array of vehicles went by at random times - first a broken down Monte Carlo carried its driver engulfed in the pounding bass line of a hip hop song, then a middle aged couple, the woman wearing far too much make-up, slowly drove past in a convertible BMW, shortly thereafter a little red sports car followed, not bothering to pay attention to the traffic signals that were approaching; an older couple, bundled in thick overcoats, walked past wrestling with their two cocker spaniels, it not being clear who was giving the other the exercise.A car pulled up to the valet stand. A slender, attractive, young man bounded with a cool demeanor to the driver's side door and held it open for the man who was gathering his personal items. The two began an exchange that appeared to be awkward for the young man, but they ultimately parted with smiles. Exiting the car and entrusting his vehicle to the valet, Chris' dinner companion had arrived.Chris stood from his chair delighted to have the excuse to reenergize his body: he flexed his thighs letting blood course into his leg muscles, he pulled back his shoulders and felt the fabric of his shirt stretch across his chest. Walking toward his dinner partner, he smiled to meet him."How the hell did you ever know of this place?""I was in Chicago about a year ago on business," Chris explained, "and this was suggested to me by one of the guys at the meeting. I vowed to come back if I could.""Nice. I'm glad I got in touch with you!""When I got back to my room and saw that message light blinking, lpreteen olitas hot I was completely shocked. I knew it wasn't the office, because they always call my cell. No one else would have reason to call me. I was hoping that it would be you."The caramel haired waiter appeared once more, this time to attend to the needs of the restaurant's newest patron."Scotch, straight anya preteen pics up," Taylor requested. "So, you didn't trust me when I said that I'd call you."Chris blushed."No, I just didn't ... I wasn't sure how you would ... oh, hell."The two laughed and proceeded to bandy about all the dinner options that were available to them and began to develop a rapport with their waiter. Wine was to be the potable for the remainder of the evening, which merited a review of the menu in an attempt to pair their indulgence with their meals. The waiter casually placed his hand on Taylor's shoulder, and assured the men of the wisdom of their methods.Opening the soft leather bound menu, a host of epicurean pleasures were lay bare preteen sex images for the taking. Cherries, ripe with sweetness, were served with the contrast of the sharp assault of bleu cheese and tanginess of balsamic vinegar. Calamari, flash fried to crispy perfection, was accompanied by the fire of thai chilis but soothed with the cool, freshness of cucumber. Individual pizzas offered an orgy of toppings that lay intertwined on crisp beds of dough and ranged from caramelized onion to honeydew melon. Hearty cuts of beef, ribs, and pork tenderloin, all ingenious in their simplicity, promised to thrust forth a host of flavors from their Mediterranean and Asian preteenz 10 yo influences. Finally, pastas were offered with exotic cheeses and silky cream sauces to satisfy the desires of even the most particular.Their food and wine selections made, Chris and Taylor were left alone to their conversation and the candlelight. As if continuing their very first discussion, they spoke of matters both weighty and insignificant, both heartwarming and heart wrenching. They began to share feelings about the past, and desires for the future, of dreams fulfilled, and fantasies left unrealized. As the hours passed, they satisfied their hunger, imbibed to contentment, and watched the flickering light of the candle become less significant. Ultimately, it was time to part."How about one last drink at the Hancock Building," Taylor suggested."I would love to, but it is incredibly late and I fly out tomorrow and I'd have to get back to the hotel and ..."The valet, having acted with great alacrity, had brought forth Taylor's car and was happy to relinquish it from his care."Great. Get in."Chris got into the passenger seat of the Mercedes."It's no wonder you're so successful. You just don't hear anyone tell you anything you don't want to hear.""Actually, that's not true," Taylor replied as he turned the car toward downtown. "I listen to more than just what people are saying. I listen to what they mean.""Alright, Amazing Creskin, what did I mean.""You were quite clear. You meant: `I'd love to.' Not only did you mean it, you actually said it."Chris was too relaxed to argue. The fullness of his days, the richness of the food, and the volume of alcohol he had drunk all mixed to make a formidable weight against which he struggled. He allowed himself to be swallowed up by the heated leather seat of the luxury car and put his fate in the hands of the man who was beginning to show signs of being so much more than just a sexual dalliance. ++++++++++ Once again Taylor relinquished his vehicle to the hands of a valet and he and Chris made their way inside the skyscraper. free preteen eroticart Entering the elevator, Taylor directed them to the 90th floor."Taylor, I know you live in the city and all, but being a tourist, I happen to know that the lounge is on 96," Chris protested."You're right," Taylor said matter-of-factly."And?""And what?""You said we video russian preteen were going to have a drink in the Hancock building.""You have real trust nude preteen lookalikes issues don't you?""No, I ..."The doors opened and Taylor stepped out. Turning, he asked Chris, "Are you coming or not?"Stepping out of the elevator, Chris was confused. He followed his dinner partner down the hallway and around a number of turns. They stopped in front of a door into which Taylor inserted a key.Stepping inside, Chris was astonished at what he saw fucking preteen ass and then he finally realized what Taylor was thinking."You fucking live here?""Um, yeah. This is my place."Chris surveyed the surroundings. The apartment was on the south-west corner of the building and overlooked the city as it disappeared into the distance. Windows spanned the entire length of the home and the bedroom was situated on the corner providing a nudist gallery preteens stunning view. Chris was inexplicably pulled into the family room, illuminated solely by the lights emanating from the city, and walked directly to the bank of glass. Approaching the view, Chris saw the living, breathing city below. Traffic still filled the interstates and highways. Brake lights, tail lights, and headlights were the blood cells that pulsed through the veins and arteries that flowed to and from the heart of the metropolis.Stunned, Chris turned around. The home was decorated elegantly, yet sparsely. Contemporary tables were softened by overstuffed couches and tapestry upholstered high-backed chairs. A very modern fireplace, exposed on all sides, provided the only suggestion of an internal wall. Far to his right, Chris saw a baby grand piano, its ebony sheen reflecting the flashing light of a youngest preteen paysite far distant signal. Classic sculptures of the human form offset abstract paintings propped upon stylized pre teenmodel nude easels.Suddenly, the fireplace roared to life then immediately scaled itself back. The orange light washed over Chris. As his eyes adjusted to the hot drunk preteens imposing brightness, he saw Taylor. In the glow of the fire, he stood stripped to the waist, his pants partially open, holding a remote control. Shadows overtook the room: american preteens tgp Taylor's imposing figure was thrust upon the back wall in full silhouette; the chiseled curves of his toned frame paradise preview preteen were highlighted with dark streaks pronouncing his every muscle; the molehills that were his erect nipples obstructed mountainous quantities of light from reaching their intended targets; the angular features of an entire side of his face retreated from sight as if frightened by the warmth of the blaze."I know this is insane," he began, "but I couldn't bear to have you leave without spending one more night with you. I didn't fly two and a nudist teen preteen half hours after three days of meetings talking about joint ventures, and mergers, and acquisitions without the intent of at least seeing you again. I simply can't escape from what you have brought me in the less than twelve hours that we have known each other."I'm sitting in the middle of a boardroom and all I preteenz bikini models can focus on is the image of waking up in the middle of the night, in your hotel room, with your hand resting squarely on my dick.""I don't remember ...""You wouldn't. You were sound asleep. Please know that I'm not trying to force myself on you...""Um, Taylor? You're standing there half naked after having plied anal preteen angel me with liquor, essentially kidnapping me, and tricking me into coming to your apartment. Some would interpret that as a little heavy handed.""Okay, point taken. But know that my intentions are ...""Honorable?" questioned Chris."Well, no. But not ..." he stopped in mid-sentence."Oh for godsake! I'm an intelligent human being! I'm educated. I'm successful. I'm well adjusted.""You're humble," quipped Chris."Why is this so hard? This defies everything that a sane person would go through for someone he had just met." "Actually, you forgot something," Chris started as he approached his handsome captor. "You're passionate. This is not fake xxx preteen something that a sane person would do. This is not something that an insane person would do. This is what a passionate person would do."Chris reached up and cupped the back of Taylor's neck in his hand. Chris' thumb traversed the strong line of his jaw and could feel onset of the golden preteen model coco beard that would eventually need tending to. The whiskers seemed to grip him back as if validating that his touch was desired and urging him preteen 13 underwear to linger. His fingers intermingled with the thick hair at the base porn preteen japaness of Taylor's head. Squeezing gently, he massaged the back of his neck as he brought his other hand around and rested it atop the asia porno preteens small of his back. Inadvertently, his fingers found themselves resting atop the 12yo naked preteens waistband of Taylor's briefs. As if sensing only minimal resistance, they took advantage of the opportunity and spontaneously worked their way underneath the fabric and sought out Taylor's body. The feeling of Chris' fingers on his flesh caused Taylor to stir and his crotch to begin to grow. Slowly, and measuredly, Chris tilted his head forward while tightening his grasp on the stunning man sexy preteen russian in his arms. His lips met Taylor's.Softly, they began to kiss. Their lips intertwined and released in short, intermittent, moments of intimacy. Each time their mouths met, they moved their heads to a slightly new position as if to ensure each kiss was as different and unique as a snowflake or a fingerprint. Chris remained steadfast in determining the pace of the encounter while Taylor worked to push the limits. As Taylor opened his mouth wider to gorge himself on the fruit of Chris' lips, he was met with a host of subtle refusals and redirections. His lust continued to grow as did his dick.Taylor's arms were now around Chris' waist, while Chris began to explore the exposed skin of Taylor's back and youth petit preteen torso. Moving in figure eights all over his lover's skin, Chris' hands began to map the vastness of Taylor's hard body. Occasionally, he would bring both his arms up the center of Taylor's back and his strong biceps would embrace the defined lats of his partner. It was as if every part of Chris desired to know every counterpart of Taylor. Their hips ground together forcing Taylor's pants further open and down his hips. Chris' hands returned to the flesh that was covered by the soft cotton of Taylor's briefs. Again, he plunged his hand downward this time with more force and with a greater sense of purpose. He bbs yr preteen grabbed handful after handful of Taylor's taught ass and massaged the mighty flesh.Taylor kicked off his shoes and let his pants fall to the floor. A resounding thud sliced through the soft fluttering sound of the fire as the buckle of his belt hit the hardwood. Reluctantly, he separated himself from the man whose lips seemed to be providing him with life giving energy. Stepping back he prepared to discard the last vestiges of clothing and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs. Pausing momentarily, he looked directly picture preteen model into Chris' eyes. His gaze communicated that he was about to lay bare his body and wholly offer it to the will of the man before whom he now stood. Hooking his thumbs into the elastic that encircled his toned waist, he pushed the back half of the garment down to expose his tight ass. Moving his hands forward he repeated the process. His erect cock burst forth as if a prisoner escaping the fabric confines that was its cell. With a noticeable slap, Taylor's impressive member bounced off his lower abdomen before settling to its promontory position.Taylor reached out and took Chris' hand. Placing in fully on his hard dick, he encouraged Chris to stroke him. Up and down Chris' hand traversed the underside of Taylor's penis. His caresses became longer and longer as his fingers reached past Taylor's balls and teased his hole. The full length of the journey was smooth with a few soft hairs being the only resistance.Chris continued attending to the rigid dick as he stepped forward to close the gap between himself and his destined lover. Again, he leaned in and began to kiss Taylor, this time on the side of his neck. The strong muscles strained as Taylor threw his head back in pleasure. Chris continued to lick and suck as he moved from smooth skin to the rough texture of a day old beard and back again. The landscape over which Chris' mouth traveled continued to change and evolve as long tendons and sinew were stressed and relieved in Taylor's ever evolving convulsions of pleasure. Taylor moaned with satisfaction.Moving further down, his sensual and wet exploration continued. Chris was reveling in the scent of a day's worth of Taylor's living as his manliness combined with the spice of his cologne to create an aroma like none other. He tongued the hollow of Taylor's neck before running down the deep cleavage that resided between the muscles of his chest. Scrambling out of the canyon of pectorals, Chris made his way to Taylor's right nipple. He extended a wet tongue and encircled the tempting nub of flesh. Over and over, he attacked preteen incest drawings the very tip of the sensitive bud and then sucked on the whole of the protrusion. Lightly, he dragged his teeth across the rigid tit and then returned to tonguing its most prominent part. Taylor gasped repeatedly from the attention his chest was receiving and gently pushed Chris' head further into his preteen fuck pedo self.All this time, Chris' hand continued to coax and encourage more rigidity, more preteen hottie models strength, more growth, and more heat from of the weighty and engorged cock that beckoned below. As was expected, a rushing stream of sweet pre-cum had developed that helped lubricate Chris' actions. All over the stiff rod and prominent ball sack, a sheen of glistening liquid reflected the soft light. Taylor began to rock his hips to meet each stroke.Leaving Taylor's chest, Chris returned to kiss his neck. Moving upward, he once again felt the abrasive touch of Taylor's growth. Further he moved until he buried his mouth into the jaw of his excited plaything. He planted his lips on the warm skin and used his tongue to caress it. naturalist preteen female He could feel Taylor's heartbeat, fast and throbbing. He withdrew himself for a moment to see his lover rapt with pleasure, head thrown back, and mouth open. Again, he began kissing Taylor's full lips. This time, however, the quick pecks and soft intertwining of lips were replaced by fevered attacks of frenzied aggression. Using his whole mouth to its fullest ability, Chris devoured Taylor, engulfing his entire mouth. His tongue thrust itself into the warm, wet recesses and tore through their every nook like a hungry animal frantically looking for prey. Simultaneously, he increased the attention he paid to the rock hard dick in his hands and started to jack it off with renewed intensity.Taken aback, Taylor instinctively brought his hand up to Chris' chest as if to protect himself. In a mere moment, however, his apprehension was replaced with full on desire. As Chris continued to pull and suck on his lips and tongue, Taylor's fingers clenched and grabbed hold of the material that separated him from the touch of his lover's skin. The wad of fabric confined in Taylor's grip forced the rest of Chris' shirt to pull over his wide back and strong shoulders. teens sexe preteens The buttons strained to maintain their composure.To Chris, it felt as though every part of his preteen bra images body was engorged and growing larger. His dick was fully erect and struggling to burst free. His chest was now fully aware of the stress of the fabric that now pulled and stretched across its immense expanse. Even his shoulders seemed to be ripping at the seams of his shirt as if revolting from tyrannical oppression. His lips were now round and full from the assault they were inflicting and the counterattack to which they were subjected.Taylor broke free from Chris' mouth."Oh my fucking god!" he breathlessly exclaimed. As his passion overtook him, Taylor felt immense power in himself. His heart raced and his chest heaved. His cock pulsed. Flexing his arms, he felt the power of sex inundate every muscle in his body. A wave of lust washed over him and he reveled in swimming in its tumultuous currents.Needing, in a very real sense, to feel the hot skin of his lover, Taylor convulsed in a fit of desire. Arching forward slightly to engage the strong muscles of his back, he tensed his round firm shoulders nearly involuntarily. With an explosion of strength, he flexed is thick arms and pulled. explicit preteen models Muscles throughout his upper body worked in unison and the ropelike striations were highlighted by the flickering light of the fire. The buttons of Chris' shirt were no match for the onslaught of Taylor's physique and rained down like the last embers of a brilliant exploding firework. Taylor had torn the shirt right off of Chris' back. He now stood just as naked and exposed from the waist up.Shock and astonishment overtook Chris. Never had anyone shown such a physical manifestation of lust to him in his life. Chris' dick was rock hard now and was almost continuously pulsing pre-cum.In reaction to Taylor's assault, Chris thrust his naked chest to his partner's and forced their mouths together. The power of his movements caused Taylor to stumble backward until the two ultimately fell paedo preteen porn onto his bed. With the weight erotic preteen xxx of Chris' full body on top of him, Taylor was almost crushed. He loved the feeling though and would have been happy to lapse into a coma so long as he could feel the strong chest of his lover rubbing against his own.With Taylor prone on the bed, Chris took advantage of the opportunity to reciprocate for the blow job he had gotten just days before. Licking his way all down Taylor's torso and playing with every inch of exposed skin, Chris finally found himself only inches away from Taylor's throbbing cock. It looked awesome in every way. With a furtive glance upward to see Taylor's face once more, he opened his mouth and impaled himself on Taylor's hot and cum covered dick.Immediately, he could taste the sweetness of the oceans of pre-cum that Taylor had been spilling. It mixed with his saliva to create a slick coating over which Chris' tongue ran. He was a little kid with a piece of candy, sucking on it greedily as if it would soon be taken away from him.He could feel the swollen head rub the roof of his mouth and then plunge into the back of his throat. He raised his tongue to provide more friction to the underside of the giant dick that he protected within the fleshy, wet recesses of his jaws. All the while, his hands played with Taylor's vulnerable balls and the soft region behind them. Rolling them in his fingers, he could feel the wetness of his spit that had run down the length of Taylor's rigid shaft."You have to stop. I'm going to come!"Taking Taylor's dick out of his mouth momentarily, Chris looked up."Tell me why I should stop," he insisted as he continued to masturbate the throbbing cock he had been servicing."I'm so close. You have to stop or I'll shoot.""I get that, but won't it feel good? Won't that feeling of your hot jizz shooting onto my chest feel nudepreteen picturs so fucking good?""Well, ungh, of course, but not yet. Not yet.""Go ahead then, keep yourself from coming. Make it stop," Chris taunted as he continued to play with the ruby red head of Taylor's mighty cock."I can't. I can't. It's too good. It's too much. Ohh!""Why can't you. Are you too far gone? Are your balls all tight and ready to explode? Has your sack pulled up and drawn taught to your ass? Is the head of your dick so sensitive that if I lick it you'll pop?""Shut up. Ungh. Shut the fuck up! It feels so good! Stop. Please stop!"Chris' tongue was ravaging the most sensitive parts of Taylor's massive rod during his protests. Saliva was dripping off of his balls. Chris continued to suck noisily."Oh, Chris, you have to stop or I'm going to shoot," Taylor pleaded."Your dick is so hard right now. It's like steel."He continued to jack him off."It feels so good. It's strong in my hands and your pre-cum is sweet. I can taste it, you know."He moved his hand to cup Taylor's balls and found them completely chat preteen online recessed into his crotch. He massaged the tight, empty sack of his scrotum and toyed with the area just shy of his clenching hole."Yeah, preteenm models nude I can tell you're close. Can you feel that? Can you feel me rubbing you down there? I'll bet you can and I bet you like it.""Ungh, no" was all Taylor could say pleadingly. He was desperately trying to block out Chris' coaxing. He reassured himself over and over that he was in control and that he would not release the massive amounts of cum that were welling up inside him. Each time he felt he had overcome the pressure, Chris found some new way to torture him."What if I do this?" Chris questioned as he slid his fingers back further behind the base of Taylor's rock hard dick and started to play with the entrance to his ass. "Would that be better? Would that take your mind off the fact that I've been sucking and stroking and groping you? That you've been waiting for me to do this for over three days? That when you think of me and my raging hard on that you touch your own dick and imagine me with you? That the memories of me with my hands all over you while you slept keep you hard?""Shut the fuck up!""Fine," Chris acquiesced but reengaged his mouth to other activities.Bobbing his head forward and back, his nose buried itself time and again in the blonde bush of Taylor's wet crotch. As he pulled back for every new assault, he twisted his hands around the shaft of Taylor's throbbing and aching penis."Oh my god you feel so good," he teased further. "I want to pull the cum right out of you. I want to feel it splash all over my chest and drip down my abs. I want your hot cock to fucking explode and then keep preteen panties image pumping more and more jizz until you fucking collapse."Taylor couldn't help but envision the scene that Chris was describing. He imagined his dick, fat and hard, shooting stream after stream of white cum all over Chris' manly chest. He could hear the thick liquid splattering against his lover's skin and then watched it disintegrate into streams that rambled over the tight muscles of his abdomen. Over and over his cock convulsed and threw an unending deluge of spunk over the naked torso in its path. Pools of cum rested in the depressions between Chris' collar bone and his traps. One bald ass preteen naked preteen sexphoto of his nipples dripped with the salty liquid. The hair on his chest directed the flow toward the center of his body and poured down the channel defined by his abs.Taylor was beginning to lose control."Tell me what you like," encouraged Chris. "Do you like it when I rub your ass, like this? Do you want me to play with your nipples and rub your awesome chest? Do you want me to jack you off while I kiss you and thrust my tongue into your hungry mouth?"Taylor's eyes were squeezed tightly shut. Again, he tried to concentrate on everything other than the visuals that Chris was forcing into his head.Meanwhile, Chris resumed his oral workout suck preteens on Taylor's nearly exhausted hard on. He flattened his tongue and placed all his attention at the base of the crown, easily the most sensitive part of a man's cock. Relentlessly, he licked and sucked and toyed with this particular area. His mouth and lips were slick with the combination of his own saliva and Taylor's honey-like pre-cum. He could tell that more of it was flowing now.It was then that Taylor lost all control. As if overtaken by the sexual energy that existed between him and Chris, he was no longer responsible for his actions. His hips began to pump his dick in and out of Chris' mouth. He reached down and made sure that the orifice he was fucking would not leave. preteen hidden models His triceps were tight resisting Chris' halfhearted attempts to remove himself from Taylor's crotch. Sweat began to drip down his armpits and similar beads of liquid were prevalent all over his clenched abs."You want to get me off, then? Fine. I'm going to pound your face until I come all over your fucking body. Here, take that big dick. Take it deep. Suck my cock!"The intensity became to be too much for Taylor. As much as he wanted to control Chris' mouth, his arms flayed outward and slammed against the soft bed making a thud. He convulsed and his muscles tightened. A long, deep line spread from his pit down his arm showing the sizable biceps that he had developed. He brought one leg up and laid it out wide as if to give Chris even more access to whatever pleasure zones he could find. His thigh twitched under the extreme contraction. His chest was taught and fanned out as though a page from preteen galleries pthc an anatomy book. Chris could see the rapid pace of Taylor's heartbeat in the center of his heaving chest. His head rolled from side to side as though trying to unscrew itself to escape the exquisite, sexual torture."Go, goddammit, go! Get me off. Make me cum. See if you can! See if you can make me give up my spunk!"Both Chris and Taylor knew this was merely bravado. There was no way that Taylor could last much longer. Every nerve ending in his body was now tied directly to his raging dick.Taylor strained to lift his head and watch Chris service his enormous member. Up and down Chris' head bobbed. In and out of the glorious wetness he watched his dick disappear over and nudist preteen voyeur over again. It felt as if gallons of cum were just at the brink of rushing through floodgates that inexplicably wouldn't open. The pressure was building and becoming more intense.Chris removed his mouth and spat in his hand. He was determined to conclude this first round now. Focusing all voyeur preteen his attention on the incredibly sensitive head, he flattened his palm and swirled around the cum slit relentlessly.Taylor screamed. "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! You son of a ... fuck!"Come on, you fucker, come on. You can't take this anymore. You're dick is screaming to let go. Let your cock come. Show me that cum!" Chris encouraged.With one last traverse anal preteen movie up and down Taylor's marble shaft, Chris hit the crown of his dick and all hell broke loose: Taylor moaned and then when silent trying to gasp for air; his back arched high off the mattress; his cock throbbed like none other throwing his hot little preteen cunts jizz everywhere; thick cords of white liquid jetted from his slick penis splattering against Chris' chest and ricocheting back onto Taylor, one after another the ropes of cum took an obscure path from one chest to the next as if by touching both they could share the experience and the pleasure."Unngh, unngh, unngh," Taylor grunted with every convulsion.Pools of creamy liquid dotted Taylor's chest and abdomen. Chris' hand was now full of Taylor's seed and he used it to further coax more and more jizz out of the still rigid cock. Taylor's hips bucked wildly from the continued stimulation and caused the pools of cum to break down. Now streams of liquid fell from his body following the soft levees outlined by his ribcage. His pristine bush was smugglers bbs preteens now a marsh of saliva and cum. The head of his dick throbbed and shone in the reflected light of the city's lights, one last drop absolutely nude preteens of dew hung precariously from the crown.Chris righted himself and felt the warm streams of Taylor's load begin to migrate downward toward his abs. He took the remnants of what used to be his shirt and wiped his chest and stomach, then his hands. preteen model japan His penis was screaming for release and was still penned up within his slacks. As he stripped off his clothes, a large wet spot showed prominently on the front of this boxer briefs. He removed them with a sigh of relief. Taking the shirt, he then mini tiny preteen gently wiped off his lover. The fabric strained to contain the copious amounts of liquid that required attention.Relatively composed, the two men arranged themselves next to each other on the bed and, without another word, fell asleep exhausted. The cold of the night was fended off by the heat of their bodies and the heat of the still burning fire. They needed covers neither for modesty nor protection. Even after their intense sexual engagement, both men retained rigid cocks that proudly and prominently displayed themselves in the suggestive hopes of being put to use once more. ++++++++++ Although the strain of the past days had tired Chris, the strange surroundings and unfamiliar bed interrupted his sleep. Just hours after having passed out from sexual exhaustion, his eyes opened again. preteen russian xxx Looking around, he reacquainted himself with the exquisite home. young horny preteen Next to him, laid out with reckless abandon was Taylor. His chest softly raised and lowered as he breathed deeply. One arm lay over his abdomen, his fingers casually intermingled with his blond bush, while his other arm stretched out above his head. His legs were casually splayed open exposing his hefty sack. His strong dick, that Chris could still taste, was raging hard and pointed toward his left nipple.Chris got out of bed and walked to the windows. Gazing out, he was astonished to see the frenzied pace of the city still seemed to be running exactly as it had hours ago. Where could all those people be headed at this hour? He leaned forward and rested his forearm against the support structure of the window. The metal was cold and sent a chill down his entire arm that seemed to concentrate in his tit. Nevertheless, he remained and absorbed the cold into his overheated body. He was transfixed on the goings on below.Taylor moved in bed and quietly awoke, as well. Concerned that Chris was not next to him he sat upright and began to search his home. Quickly, he came upon his prize. There, resting against the wall of glass, Chris stood, naked and erect, the full force of his body being supported by his back and one shoulder. The city lights illuminated him in a silver glow that gave him the appearance of a being of pure metal: a titanium statue of pure masculine strength. The lines of his body cut a form in the night that exuded quiet power.Getting out candid preteen thong of bed, Taylor made his way to the naked observer peering out into the night. His bare feet made no sound as he made his way ever closer to the nude statue that occupied his home. As he approached he reached out and brought his hand underneath Chris' arm and placed it firmly on his cooling chest. He could feel the taut bud of an erect nipple at his fingertip. He pressed art nymphette preteen himself against Chris' exposed back and his hard rod instinctively settled between the two round muscles of his ass. Chris groaned in approval.Together they watched the darkness work to betray the efforts of the multitude of lights that served to illuminate the night. Further out from the city, it appeared as though russion preteen pussy an oncoming storm of blackness was destined to overwhelm the thousands of flickering points. But in a show of force, the singular lights banded together to push back the onslaught and protect the city from the ravages of the void. In the window, the reflections of the two men peered back at them as if hovering in the nothingness - gods watching and encouraging the power of the light to defend the city.Taylor closed his eyes and began to run his hands over Chris' body. There was something hypnotic about his form that drove Taylor to continued sexual heights. Using both hands, Taylor caressed and fondled every conceivable part of Chris' torso. He ran the flat of his hands over the prominent pecs of his chest and played with the tips that were sensitive to his touch. He wrapped his arms around his waist and felt the tightness of his abdominal muscles and the clench of his obliques as the light touch tickled his sides. He traveled up the widening sides, over his ribs, past his lats, and cupped his hands in the cotton softness of his underarms. Continuing upward, he reached the rounded shoulders that led down to a set of thick arms. With every passing moment, he pushed himself further into Chris' ass and his dick throbbed with excitement.Returning to Chris' chest, Taylor plunged one hand all the way down his body finally reaching the engorged cock that pointed preteen naked ass outward. He grabbed the raging dick and began to stroke it. Chris pushed his hips backward as if to be certain Taylor's reach was not preteen panty pee compromised and to encourage his dick to seek deeper refuge between the mounds of his butt. Using his free hand to pinch Chris' nipple, Taylor continued to fondle and rub the full length of his love slave's penis. Over the tip and then down the shaft, he made one continuous motion. Over and around the hard on, Taylor's hand was relentless in its desire for discovery. It traveled into Chris' bush and massaged the base until cascading over the edge to reach the balls that hung between Chris' muscular legs. With a very light touch that preceded a full blown assault, Taylor manipulated Chris' smooth ballsack and its tantalizing contents.Chris was completely aroused. Not only could he feel Taylor getting ever harder while stuffed deep in the crevice of his ass, but his own cock was being expertly attended to, and his whole body was attuned to Taylor's touch. He suddenly realized that young photos preteens he was being jacked off seemingly in front of an entire city. No curtains obstructed his view. There was nothing covert in their actions: they were two men, utterly exposed, completely naked, preteen honeys nude fully erect, and wholly enraptured with each other's sex. A small drop of clear fluid dropped from his dick to the floor " a cautionary flare, brilliant in the light as it plummeted to its death.With one hand, Chris endeavored to grab Taylor's tight butt and encouraged him to pleasure himself in the warm confines of Chris' ass. His hand passed over the deep indentation of the fit rump and grabbed hold of the strong muscle from behind. With his other hand, Chris reached overhead and coaxed Taylor's head forward, feeling the softness of his thick hair between his fingers. He could smell the sweetness of his own scent as his head careened backward past his exposed armpit. He was now completely vulnerable. The whole front of his body was a target for any kind of assault imaginable. Meanwhile, Taylor's hands continued their exploration as if looking for a chink in the armor of Chris' torso."I want you to fuck me," Taylor whispered in his ear. "I don't want to jack you off. I don't want to suck your dick. I want to make you come by fucking me. I want you to fuck me."Taylor rubbed Chris' dick harder now as if giving a fighter a last minute bolstering massage as he sits in the corner waiting for the first round bell to sound.In a moment of explosive willpower, Chris broke free of Taylor's mesmerizing touch. Thrust back into reality, he spun around and faced his sexual assailant. Grasping him behind the head and, again, by little pussies preteens his taught ass, he pulled the mass of a man into him. Their bodies met with a soft thud and seemed to map themselves against the other. Their mouths worked each other over as if trying to find the perfect interlocking position in a fit of panic. Their strong chests met and created a vertical cavern between the four slabs of meaty muscle. Their tongues played with each other trying to discern subtle differences between the two wildly thrusting units of flesh. Their obscenely rigid dicks ground into one another and their streams of pre-cum swirled and combined together in a torrent of sexual chemistry.Both men grabbed and squeezed and groped the other. Their flesh began to beam red from the furious manhandling. Chris reached down behind Taylor's knee and pulled up his leg. His biceps strained under the load of the heavy thigh and sweat began to bead upon his chest and forehead. Spinning himself around, he forced Taylor up against the plate glass. The top of Taylor's ass was now pressed firmly against the cold window and his back and shoulders absorbed an instant wave of cold. preteen cosplay gallery The frigid shock pulsed its way throughout his body: he let out a quick gasp; his dick jumped as if being prodded by an icicle; his nipples became extremely hard, almost painful; the hair on his arms quivered in response to the stimulus. Trapping him in this vulnerable position, Chris positioned himself to molest the soft puckered entrance to Taylor's ass.Through Taylor's bush, past his rock hard cock, and past his balls, Chris drove his hand ever downward until he felt the dimple that he sought. Prying between the tensed muscles of Taylor's hard butt, he moved his fingers back and forth all over the tender opening. Occasionally, his finger dipped in slightly, before scurrying away in a furtive game of cat and mouse. Taylor clawed at Chris' back encouraging him to probe deeper and more frequently. He panted and groaned in ecstasy. He fondled the straining arm that was essentially holding him captive and traced the vein that protruded with prominence."I want you inside me," Taylor whispered, again, breathlessly. "I, ungh, want to feel your hard dick plunging into me over and over again. I want you underground preteen bbs to fuck me."Chris looked at Taylor. From their position now, it appeared as asian preteen lesbian though they were floating above the city with their nakedness and sexuality on display for everyone. preteen galleries nude As if oddly trying to keep their plans a secret, Chris whispered back."I want nothing more"With Chris' concurrence, the two men parted only briefly enough to make their way to the bed. As they pulled back from each other, their bodies groaned in the sense of loss. As if trying to maintain even the slightest bit of connection, a thin thread of silken and shimmering intermingled pre-cum clung to the heads of each of their anxious and aching rods.Within a moment, Taylor was back in his bed and reaching upward, beckoning Chris to lie upon him. Taking his time, Chris stood at the foot of the bed and peered down at his waiting lover. Taylor's striking features were awash with desire and veritably begged for Chris to overpower him with his sexuality. For pictures preteen sex all of Chris' apparent aloofness and superiority, his hard dick betrayed the coolness he fought to portray. Giving in to his lust, he threw himself onto bed, the impact of which caused both men's cocks to jump. Chris fell such that the head of his penis was just shy of Taylor's ass. His lover's impressive hard on was now trapped beneath Chris' right nipple and Taylor's hard stomach and kissed Chris' preteens ass tit leaving a slick, clear smudge of liquid sex. Moving downward, Chris let his tongue drag down the valley of Taylor's middle until he reached his dick. He engulfed nonude preteens the massive cock and swallowed it down."Oh!" Taylor exploded, surprised at the speed and completeness of Chris' oral activity.Just as quickly, however, Chris moved on horny preteen nude until he reached Taylor's haunches. Sitting upon his knees, Chris gave himself some leverage, lifted Talor's ass off the bed, and bent him in two so he could properly attack the waiting receptacle. Taylor's cock was now pointed directly at his own mouth appearing to stretch itself to reach the warm wet confines in hopes of receiving a similar treatment to which it was just recently denied.His ass fully exposed, Taylor was ready for everything Chris had to offer. Soon he was being prodded and lubricated with the dexterous digits of his gorgeous manhandler. His butt was wet and his hole was being carefully stretched in preparation for a much larger violation. He could feel russian preteen porno Chris' fingers grazing his prostate and with every pass, his dick jumped and somehow got harder. A crystalline pool was forming as waves of pre-cum dripped onto the base of his chest. He yearned for his magic spot to be continuously assaulted and drive waves of pleasure right to his cock and throughout his entire body. His anticipation caused his heart to race and his patience to wear thin."Just fuck me," he pleaded, the whispering a ploy now long forgotten."I don't want to hurt you," Chris began."Just fuck me," Taylor pleaded again as preteen nymphet models though not hearing Chris at all."I'm just ..." Chris began.Taylor reached forward and took hold of Chris' stiff prick. He fondled it as he moved it strategically to his waiting ass. The head grazed his sensitive hole and he thrust his hips forward. Chris pushed Taylor's hand away and grabbed his hips with one hand and his dick with the other. He continued what Taylor had started and began to use the force of his massive body to assist in breaching the seemingly inviolable wild sexy preteens entrance that Taylor was offering.Slowly his dick progressed deeper and deeper into Taylor. The pleasure each man experienced resulted in mutual moans of delight as if speaking a foreign language of sex only the other could understand. The head of Chris' dick banned backdoor preteens was penetrating Taylor now and as the widest part stretched him fully, Taylor became even more vocal."That's what I need. Come on, fuck me. Deeper. Oh, you feel so good. I need more of your dick!"Chris flexed his ass muscles causing them to dimple and drive his cock further into Taylor's tight butt. Suddenly, preteen hot imgboard the head of his penis was swallowed preteen europe pussy up and Taylor clenched his ass around it."Aiigh," Chris wailed.Now, he couldn't stop. With this first pre teen defloration milestone having been met, all caution was thrown to the wind. Both men realized that this was not going to be gentle lovemaking. This was not going to be cuddling by the fire. This was raw, carnal, lust; pleasure seeking fucking.Priming himself for his first full thrust, Chris pulled out of Taylor. His hole closed up and Taylor instantly felt empty and yearned for Chris to return. Chris repositioned himself placing his hand just below Taylor's armpits. Using his strong frame, he braced himself against his thick arms and used his wide back and round shoulders to steady the weight of his impressive body. Taylor grabbed hold of Chris' upper arms and had difficulty wrapping his fingers around the strained triceps and full biceps. Moving his hands up and down the pillars that supported his fuck mate, he found a comfortable grip and held on. Chris walked his knees closer to Taylor's defenseless ass and prepared to invade. His steely dick refused to point anywhere but straight jenna preteen model up his defined stomach and he had to physically direct it to the entrance of Taylor's ass.With his rigid cock primed and poised for execution, Chris took one more look at Taylor. His eyes were pleading with desire and his blonde hair was tussled and in disarray. He looked amazing. He kept gazing at Taylor's strong visage as he gently entered him to the point of their last engagement: just the head of his dick. Taylor's eyes shut and his mouth opened in a silent gasp of pleasure. Chris allowed his upper body to sink down to afford him the opportunity to kiss Taylor's lips once more. Taylor opened his eyes in surprise, having expected the full onslaught of Chris' hard on to plunge deep into his depths. He smiled softly. Chris pressed himself upward. His pecs pulsed with power and his arms flexed under the load. Taylor admired his strength.Using his well developed legs as driving pistons, Chris pushed himself further into Taylor. Deeper and deeper he went forcing himself relentlessly into Taylor's ever expanding ass. Each inch was a new experience in sexual ecstasy. He could feel the tight canal trying to prevent itself from being breached to no avail. The power of his muscles and obsession would not let him be denied. All the while, his dick grew harder and harder as it was stroked and massaged by the reluctantly yielding walls it succeeded in defying. In one final preteen lia burst of fury, Chris plunged himself all the way into Taylor."Oh, god! Oh, god! Oh, god!" Taylor shouted repeatedly.Chris directed the full weight to his cock and forced it all the way to its hilt into Taylor. His balls now rested softly on the muscles of Taylor's ass and the head of his dick could feel the keen presence of Taylor's prostate."Oh, that's so huge. Your dick is so huge! Ungh ... so good."Immediately, Chris began pumping his overstimulated cock in and out while Taylor screamed with pleasure. Using the full length of his prick, Chris continued to pound into Taylor's willing ass that kneaded and pulled at its every nerve. The wide crown of his penis rubbed against the soft insides and pulsed with lubricating pre-cum. The veiny sides of his dick provided extra stimulation to Taylor's hole. Sweat began to pour down his chest from the exertion that he was content to maintain."More, more. Oh, fuck, keep going. Give me more!"Chris redoubled his efforts and pulled his cock completely out of Taylor for a split second and then plowed into him with the full force of his manhood. The head of his dick ravaged Taylor's prostate and his whole body rocked with pleasure. Again, Chris repeated this maneuver, slamming his raging hard on as deep as he could go into the sexual confines of Taylor's butt."Give me your dick. models preteen boys Fuck me! Ram me! You told me four days ago you were going to `fuck the hell out of me' so now is your chance. Give me your cock, godammit!"Taylor's hands flew to Chris' ass and urged him further. Pushing against the taut muscles of Chris' nearly hairless butt, Taylor could feel the strain of the muscles as they contracted just before his canal was rammed with the magnificent, raging dick. His chest twitched and the striations in his shoulders flared with every pleading.Chris rocked back and placed Taylor's legs against his broad shoulders. Reaching around his thrusts became faster but slightly shallower; he grabbed hold of Taylor's leaking prick and began to jack it off feverishly."Oh, geezes! videos preteen nude preteens models 15yo Oh .. oh ... oh"Tears were forced down Taylor's cheeks from shear rapture. This was everything he had hoped it would be: a strong thick dick filling him up and then leaving him wanting more; constant attention being spent on his engorged dick; the perfect visual of a fit man working every muscle and fiber in his body to bring him to climax. Unconsciously, he began rocking his hips in a vai